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Legacy Programme

The Moana House Trust Legacy Programme is a visionary initiative that seeks to secure the future of Moana House & Village, a vital care facility for the elderly in the community. By encouraging people to leave some funds in their will to Moana House & Village, the programme aims to generate sufficient funding for the development of a new 80-bed care facility that will replace the aging rest home and hospital building, and include a 20-bed dementia unit.

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Your Will, Your Legacy

Writing a Will is a sensible thing to do. But there’s more to it than that. Because the process of deciding who you want to provide for when you’re gone invites you to think about the people and issues that have mattered to you in your life.

Your Will becomes a message – a statement of who you are. So, once you know you’ve provided for family and friends, you can also use your Will to support the causes you really care about.

Moana House Trust Legacy Programme was introduced by the Moana House Trust Board in 2022 in recognition of the growing need for increased community support to ensure sufficient future funding. Whilst the management and clinical team at Moana House concentrates its fundraising efforts on its operational requirements, the role of the Moana House Trust is to also focus on future-proofing the organization for tomorrow’s needs. 

One key objective of the Trust is to ensure there are sufficient funds to develop a new 80-bed care facility to replace the aging rest home and hospital building and incorporate a much needed 20 bed dementia unit.

Help Moana and leave a legacy

Here’s how you can do your part.

Before you make or update your Will, we encourage you to talk to your loved ones about your decision. If you choose to leave a gift in your Will to the Moana House Trust, you should see a solicitor to manage the paperwork on your behalf. They can advise you on how to leave a gift in your Will while still making sure your family and loved ones are taken care of.

How You Can Help

Your solicitor or trustee company can help you choose the gift that best reflects your wishes – here are some options to consider. Every gift, no matter the size, is a contribution of extraordinary value to the generations that follow us.

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Percentage Gift

Leaving a gift as a percentage rather than a fixed amount will ensure that inflation doesn’t erode the value of your gift over your lifetime. It can also be used if you wish to divide your estate among a few people or organisations.


Residual Gift

This gift is the remainder of your estate (or percentage thereof) after your loved ones have been provided for and expenses have been deducted.

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Pecuniary Gift

This gift is a specific amount of money. You can speak to your solicitor about what this will look like. Remembering that all amounts are gratefully accepted by Moana House and Village.

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Specific Request

Just as it sounds; a specific bequest is defined as something distinguishable you leave in your will.


Whole Estate

A generous gifting of an entire estate. Noting, we will always remember and honour your gift.

This initiative is a testament to the Moana House Trust's commitment to ensuring that Moana House & Village continues to provide high-quality care to its residents for years to come. The Legacy Programme is an opportunity for individuals to make a lasting impact on the lives of the elderly and their families in the community, and to be part of a legacy that will benefit future generations. The Trust recognizes the importance of community support in achieving this objective, and through the Legacy Programme, we invite the community to join hands in securing a brighter future for Moana House & Village and our residents.

The Legacy Programme was launched to raise awareness of the very real need for the community to support Moana House and its residents not only for today, but for future generations. For over three decades, Moana House has provided a warm, caring, and supportive home for older people in the Whangamata community.  From its beginnings with 36 rest home beds, the facilities have grown to include a hospital wing and expanded rest home that accommodates independent and assisted-living services for primary care and convalescent residents. 

The Moana House Trust Board is aware contributions from the community are needed to ensure these services are there when needed.  Indications are that one in three people in the Whangamata community will need the support of aged residential care services at some point.


Individuals are urged to consider supporting the Moana House Trust Board by making a provision in their Will, bequeathing funds and assets, or making a one-off or multi-year financial gift to the Trust during their lifetime.

We respect the fact that the contents of your Will is a very personal decision, and not one to be made without considerable reflection. However, if you are looking for guidance, please remember that it is important to us that you look after your friends and family first. Once they have been taken care of, if you could consider a small percentage to be allocated to Moana House Trust it would make a huge difference. This type of gift won’t lose its value over time. We promise to use each gift efficiently and effectively to meet the most pressing and urgent needs of our Moana House community.

Moana House is reliant on the goodwill of the community today to protect the provision of services for tomorrow.

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We are here to speak with you confidentially and answer any questions you may have. For information regarding wording or making a gift in your Will please contact:
Moana House Trust Fundraising Manager
Phone: 021 968116


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