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Support Moana & Win an original Painting!

Moana House and Village is excited to announce that Faye Saunders, owner of The Little Gallery, is hosting a raffle to raise funds for our Dementia Unit. Thanks to Faye Saunders generosity you can own an original painting for just $20 and contribute to our fundraising efforts. 

Go here to donate:

The raffle is limited to 250 tickets at just $20 each, so get in quick for the unique chance to win an original painting titled Beach Hop-oly, created by Clinton Christian, a talented artist who uses acrylic with a resin coating to create his masterpieces. The painting is a clever Beach Hop version of the traditional Monopoly board, featuring all the towns that the Beach Hop goes to. This unique and engaging piece of artwork that will surely be a conversation starter for your home or office.

To participate in the raffle, tickets can be purchased through The Little Gallery website for $20 each. Only 250 tickets will be sold, so the odds of winning are excellent. The draw will take place on May 2nd, or when all tickets have been sold.

All funds raised from the raffle will go towards supporting our fundraising goal of providing a Moana Dementia Unit for the future. This unit can provided much needed care and support for our residents living with dementia who usually get taken to Thames or other facilities who can provide the necessary level of care. 

By purchasing a raffle ticket, you will not only have a chance to win a one-of-a-kind painting, but you will also be contributing to an essential cause.

A big thank you to Faye!

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