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willson GARDENS
retirement VILLAGE

Our village comprises of 14 units on a license to occupy agreement basis.

Two bedroom duplex style units are fully equipped to your needs and has the added benefits that are provided by a hospital/rest home that is regarded as one of the best in the country if you need them. The units come complete with wheelchair accessible shower, safety railings, non slip floors and 24 hour emergency button. Each centrally heated unit has 2 double bedrooms, single internal entry garage and plenty of storage space.

Willson Gardens is close to all the amenities that the community has on offer, e.g. 2 golf courses, bowling greens, croquet, floral and art clubs, garden club, bridge club, Lions and a theatre society to name a few and a great selection of restaurants and cafes.

The Village has a semi rural outlook. The grounds are well established with beautiful mature gardens landscaped around each individual unit.

There are four serviced apartments attached to the inpatient facility which have a single bedroom, that could accommodated two people, with en suite and a small living/kitchen area.

A communal room has been built under the new hospital wing where the village occupants use for social activities.
There is room for some further development in the future dependent upon demand.

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